Reinhold Degenhart:

Has 30 years’ experience in developing Dealer Management System (DMS) software. He is the founder and owner of DAGOSOFT GmbH.
RD is the founder and on the advisory board of Incadea global. Incadea is a service provider for more than 3500 car dealerships in over 90 countries with 80.000 end users operating the software in 21 languages.
Over the years, he developed and supported various DMS systems for BMW in more than 70 markets and for Mercedes in 12 countries.
He is a co-founder of Dagocar Automotive Services GmbH.

Christina Pearson:

Has 25 years’ experience in the international automotive sector and automobile market research areas. Following 5 years as a market analyst for the four brands of the Fiat Group she has worked as consultant, trainer, product, project, research, business development and marketing manager at various service providers.

CP managed complex, global projects and their international teams at JATO and GfK. She is an expert in the topics of automobile research and data processing. She has comprehensive expertise in automotive data verification, interpretation and analysis.


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