The Dagocar Automotive Services team is comprised of specialists from different areas in the automotive industry aligned to bring dealerships access to and benefits from the flood of digital and electronic information creating simple, easily understandable and forward-looking solutions to make regular business practices easier.

Effectivity, optimal input costs and customer retention happen when one directly and proactively reaches out to the customer via mobile or on the net. Digitalizing analogue processes was yesterday. Using software and intelligence to make the market transparent and better handle customers is a modern solution, saves money, resources and is easier on everyone’s nerves.

Under ever more difficult conditions and lower margins, franchise dealerships continue to struggle to reach new vehicle turnover. Thus, used vehicle sales as well as the after sales business continue to grow in importance as supporting pillars of the business.
As such, retaining one’s own customers is essential to achieve the highest possible levels of customer loyalty. So why are so many dealerships averse to the Internet, and not using digital aides to support their businesses?

On the one hand, dealers are forced to accept prices and offers from external online portals as part of their daily business. However, this is all just data: One can better process this information and use it more effectively.

Together with our partners DAT and VEACT, we recognize this problem. We can offer you our many years of experience and tools to understand the problem efficiently and to illustrate it in analyses, as well as provide suitable solutions.


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